Cum For Me One Last Time
In collabration with Callum Abbott (@intrafacial) for Untitled Folder issue 4. March 2019, London, U.K.

I started browsing gay porno on Tumblr in my senior year of high school, dating back to 2013. It played an unique and irreplaceable role in shaping my sexuality and exploring my identity from my late adolescence to early adulthood. After hearing the devastating news that all of the explicit content was going to be removed in mid December 2018, I wanked to my Tumblr “likes” as if it was the last time ever. It was romantic, yet perhaps more of a ritual. In the final days of the Tumblr porno era, we posted an open call to invite people to masturbate to their Tumblr, cum, take a photo of the cum and send it to us as a documentation of the collective online orgasm carnival, to in memory of this generational and cultural phenomenon.