boihugo (b.1995, Beijing) is an artist and independent publisher currently living and working in Shanghai. They are the feature director of the English and Chinese bilingual fashion and culture magazine untitled folder, and co-founder of the Global Oriental Queer Association and the China Queer Manicure Club. Using a mixture of appropriated materials, studio photography, daily snapshots and writing, the artist is interested in the construction and commodification of racialized masculinities in a post-colonial context, as well as the junctions of power, intersectionality and mundane day-to-day life.

boihugo(b.1995,北京),艺术家,独立出版人,双语杂志 untitled folder 专题指导,“环球东方酷儿协会”和“中国酷儿美甲俱乐部”联合发起人,现工作和生活于上海。2019年毕业于UAL伦敦传媒学院纯艺摄影系,同年获得Foam Talent决赛提名,出版艺术家书 alpha men’s Amazon wishlist 并售于纽约Printed Matter书店。ta*的研究围绕着后殖民语境下种族化男性气质的构建及其商品化过程,运用日常随拍,工作室摄影、挪用影像和写作等媒介探寻权力,交叉性(intersectionality)以及细碎具体的日常生活之间混沌关系。



2017 - 2019 Distinction - MA in Photography (Fine Arts), London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, London, United Kindom. 

2013 - 2017 Merit - BA in Fine Arts, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China.


Dazed (UK)

RedMilk Magazine (Italy)

Something Curated (UK)

Self Publish, Be Happy (UK)

STACK Magazines (UK)

TheArtGorgeous (HK)


X Museum (China)


i-D (China)

iFashion Chatroom Modern Media (China)


Foam Talent Call 2019 - round three finalist