Cultural Organizing: China Queer Manicure Club (2019-), Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, China,

Co-established by artist boihugo and fashion stylist Edge Yang, inspired by scholar Vivienne Sonja, China Queer Manicure Club(中国酷儿美甲俱乐部) is a workshop that introduces the concept of ‘everyday activism’ with the act of ‘painting nails’. Whether you are a queer folk, a cister, or even a straight man, you are welcome to join in this workshop to help destabilize the gender norms and make some contribution to gender equality, with as little effort as lending 10 of 1x1 cm square spaces of your own body. As Sonja vividly articulated in her book Digital Identity and Everyday Activism, ‘Changes in attitude that take place slowly over extended time frames, profoundly reshaping social norms as they diffuse among networked publics.’

Documentation of the workshops available:
Beijing event at i:project space;
Shanghai event at Yuan Studio and ooooocollective;
Chengdu event at hugchina.