Home Sweet Home (2020).
Print on aluminium, size varies.
Featured in 2020*MAGAZINE (Spain) and Zurichmoves! (Switzerland)

Home Sweet Home is a small visual investigation of the interior settings of family-themed homoerotic pornographies. Making breakfast for step-sons in the kitchen; home tutoring from a step-bro after school; watching TV under the same blanket with the girlfriend’s dad… these hour-long temporary families perform love, care, affection (and more) in constructed domestic spheres that are often overlooked. What are the politics behind these astonishingly successful attempts to capitalise on family romance? How do sexual desire and material desire interact and flirt with each other?  What makes a “home” a home, where stability, immovability, and warmth are deemed to be the primary credentials, sitting alongside vases, books, yoga mats and fake flowers?