Alpha Men’s Amazon Wishlist (first edition) 
9 December 2018, ASP4, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, U.K.
Featured on Self Publish, Be Happy. 
Available at Printed Matter.

Alpha Men’s Amazon Wishlist is an artist book by @boihugo. It consists of appropriated images from the male homosexual financial domination online group on Tumblr and the real amazon wishlist of the “cash masters” on The book is bound with shark clips using the french-fold technique on each page, in order to hide the explanation texts and explicit images which users use to build an online masculine alter ego. This artist book is a study on the gendering of products and consumerism rather than a critique of the financial domination community. In Alpha Men’s Amazon Wishlist, the artist is interested in the commodification of toxic masculinity. Each page is an inkjet print of an item from someone’s wishlist. The items, varied and shocking, reveal the multiple facets of masculine tropes. Lurking under the surface, both physically and metaphorically are the deeper inner workings of the construction of the masculine facade.