Cultural Organizing: Global Oriental Queer Association (2019-)
“It doesn’t start with a call for revolution, but with the realization that we are the revolution that is already taking place.”——Paul B. Preciado
In the form of oral history, the Global Oriental Queer Association aims to not only illuminate the collective frustration of diaspora East Asian queer creatives in terms of sexual racism and mental health, but also to form a community and sisterhood for our people, developing a new agency to protect us from the white homo-normative patriarchal hierarchy so that we can have a chance to make sense of our existence and get warmth and strength from each other.

15 Interviews (approx. 50,000 words) available in untitled folder 04 and 05. Funded by Edge Yang.
Sound work vocal materials (2021) sourced from the interviews is available here, commissioned by Stanford Social Innovation Review(Chinese version).